System H20

The High Performance Fasteners H24 have been developed for very high wear applications such as spliced belts used in Round Balers. They are proven to be the highest performing splice on the market due to high strength and long splice life and will perform equally well in other applications.

The H24 fasteners are suitable for belts in the range of 5 - 6 mm thickness and Belt Strength up to 520kN/m.



Fasteners and Connecting Pins Series H20

Content of a standard Packing Unit:

  • differing from strip length, with and without Connecting Pin

The MATO connecting Pins are aligned in design and material composition to the MATO Fasteners:

Chosing the right Connecting Pin is an important contribution to reach the optimum performance of the splice in your application.
Following Connecting Pins are available for the H20 System

  • T1F / T2F Notched Spring Steel
  • O1K / O2K High tensile Galvanized Steel Cable
  • K1 / K2 High Tensile Stainless Chromium-Nickel Cable with special steel wrapping

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