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H30 Hammer Tool


System H30

  • The H30 tool will install the H35A, H35, H37A & H37 fasteners. The tool consists of a light weight aluminum(HTA) or steel bed-plate(HTS) robust punch assembly and gauge pin. A 4lb flat head hammer is recommended for installation. Nails are provided in the fastener box for securing the belt to the tool.

  • The tool bed is lightweight making it easy to carry. The punch and holder are easy to operate and designed to give long service life. The tool will install H35A and H37 fasteners by simply turning the belt stop pins. The fastener strip is installed by locating onto the belt stop pins and secured by positioning the retaining rod through the holes in the belt stop pins.
  • Standard sizes are available for belt widths 900, 1050, 1200, and 1350mm. Other sizes are available upon request.
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Directions for use of System H30