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System H30 Hammer Installed Fastener

MATO Hammer System H30

Recommended for belts up to 1400kN/m and 5 to 14mm thick. The fastener has pre-set staples and is quick and easy to install. The plate sets itself to the belt thickness making it ideal for worn belts. The fastener is supplied in strip lengths to suit different belt widths and is recommended for use in the following industries:

  • Coal Mining
  • Aggregate
  • Agriculture
  • General Industry
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H30 Instructions


Rated Belt strength in kN/m up to 1050 up to 1400
Belt thickness in mm

5 – 9

8 – 12 7-11 10 – 14
Material stainless steel plate and staple H35AS H35S H37AS H37S
Material carbon steel plate and staple H35AE H35E H37AE H37E
Connecting pins:
Armour wrapped stainless steel P1S P2S P3S
Stainless steel cable L1S L2S L3S
Zinc plated cable L1 L2 L3
Diameter in mm 5.3 6.4 6.9