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MUS2 Air Bag Tension Secondary Belt Cleaner

The MATO MUS2 belt cleaner is one of our latest designed belt cleaners and offers our new M-TRAK slide on cushion and blade for easy installation and maintenance. The unique M-TRAK is designed to eliminate long maintenance down times and ensures that all blade alignments are 100% true across the entire conveyor belt width.

When using our new air bag tensioned end assemblies, blade replacement is very simple with the design of the slide on and slide off principle, meaning no special tools or training is required when maintenance is performed. The unique design of our MUS2 cushion is based on the principle of a parallelogram whereby the cushion also stays true to the conveyor belt’s surface and ensures the attacking angle is maintained.

Technical Drawing Installation Guide

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Cushion with Carbide Blade

The MUS2 cleaner is specifically designed to be installed on conveyor systems that are either fully spliced or have mechanical belt fasteners. The design of our MUS2 cleaners has the tungsten carbide blade insert that can withstand the impact of mechanical fasteners which are used in most longwall applications in underground coal mining.

Air Bag Tension

The air bag end assembly is one of our latest designs in constant performance for belt cleaner tensioning devices. This unique design of the air bag system for primary and secondary cleaners is by far our most successful tensioning device in today’s market.