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MUS4 Bolt Tension Stainless Secondary Cleaner

The MATO MUS4 belt cleaner is one of our latest designed belt cleaners and offers our M-TRAK slide on cushion and blade for easy installation and maintenance. The unique M-TRAK is designed to eliminate long maintenance down times and ensures that all blade alignments are 100% true across the entire conveyor belt width.

Blade replacement is very simple with the design of the slide on and slide off principle, meaning no special tools or training is required when maintenance is performed. The MUS4 cleaner is specifically designed to be installed on conveyor systems that are either fully spliced or have mechanical belt fasteners. The MUS4 cleaner has a low minimum height requirement for installation.

Technical Drawing

Features and Benefits

  • Easy blade replacement
  • Outstanding performance on sticky material
  • Clog free operation
  • Various blade options
  • Multi-bladed with individual cushion mounts
  • Can operate on reversing belt

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Polyurethane Blades

These are 85A shore hardness, FRAS approved polyurethane.

Bolt Tension

The MATO standard bolt tension assembly allows for easy adjustment during initial setup of the blade and for ongoing changes to the blade height as it wears. Bolt tension assemblies work very well with a cushioned or flexible blade system.